This Story Never Ends

The right life lessons that will stand the test of time

Shirley Suedkamp wrote these books for her four grandchildren.  Her sister, Maxine, created these beautiful water color illustrations that give each book a warm human touch.  

Shirley did her first writing in 7th grade.  At the encouragement of her friends, she has published her children's books.  She loves her Lord and desires to bring families into his saving grace through these stories that He has given her.

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These books make the perfect gift.

For a new parent or to share with the grandkids, these books are a great way to teach and discuss the many issues that we all face.  Buying these books is simple.  We will deliver them to the address of your choice at no cost.  You can also order a special bundle to be delivered to a church or library of your choice.


The Cat Who Lost His Meow

Kids:  The cat woke up without its voice and goes around asking its friends for help, see how they solve this problem…

Adults:  Your children will learn that we can work together, care for each other and we’ll all be better off for doing so!

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The Dog's Large Problem

Kids: A little boy is lonely and has no one to play with or help him when he falls.  But little does he know that his friends coming to meet him just around the corner…

Adults:  This story will help your children look at others and see their need and understand they can help people feel good by caring for them.  Truly heart-warming.

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Mrs. Bubbles' Large Trouble

Kids:  Who wouldn’t want to live inside a bubble, joined with lots of animals that include a talking Toucan?  This would describe the life of Mrs. Bubbles, a “glorious gram” who lives with her animals, flowers and trees in her cherished homeland of Bubble Land.

Adults:  Readers young and old will enjoy this whimsical tale of adventure, with its several unique characters, but will appreciate most learning the ways God can be involved in our thoughts and actions. As always, her book gives the reader hope, because this story too, never ends.

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All Three Of These Wonderful Books

Kids:  All the books for you to enjoy anytime!

Adults: This bundle makes a great gift or donation to your local church or library.  Save 5$ off the regular price of the three books. Free Shipping.  

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